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Welcome to the future, where technology and skincare have never been so synonymous.

Welcome to the future, where technology and skincare have never been so synonymous. Here are some of the best at-home beauty tools and in-clinic derm treatments that have been changing the way we make ourselves feel and look better—if not younger.




Hair Removal

Braun Silk Epil 5

There is no way anyone is going back to shaving, plucking, and waxing after using Braun's Silk Epil 5. This ergonomic epilator is able to effectively remove hair from the root in an entire area in seconds. The pain is a lot less than waxing and plucking, especially after your first use when the procedure becomes practically painless. It also catches hair four times shorter than a wax. If you've been shaving, this will be your total gamechanger, allowing you to be smooth and hair-free for weeks. No more bumps or irritated skin. What makes this stand out among other other epilators? Its wet and dry function, allowing you to epilate even with soap for a better glide; the fact that it's cordless, allowing you to use it in the shower or bath, which is especially practical for when you use it on your legs or armpits; and Braun’s SensoSmart technology, which features an intelligent sensor to guide your epilation and ensure you only apply the right amount of pressure. Truly lifechanging and a must-have for those who haven't been back to the clinic for lasers. Official Lazada Store

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Nu U Asia Roller Wand

Nu U Asia Roller Wand

The beauty roller to end all beauty roller. Meet this Beauty Wand Roller from NU.U Asia, a hexagonal metal roller with 30 germanium stones for the ultimate face massage (although they say it’s more like a facial workout). The wand glides on the contours of the face like no other. If you know and follow the famous Nurse Jamie, you’re probably no stranger to this very same beauty tool that she’s been raving about, and it really is incredible. It’s instantly firming, but of course temporarily.

Using the natural benefits of germanium stones and with its ergonomic design, this facial roller helps depuff eye bags and alleviate muscle tension, and works as an ideal product applicator too—all icing on the cake because we're sold enough by the pampering and relaxing feel it gives. The best thing about getting this from the derma like NU.U is that you can consult medical professionals about proper use and even combine it with the right skincare products. NU.U Asia +63945 8656119

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Luminisce Radiance Lift Device

Luminisce Radiance Lift Device

This gadget features four technologies in one wand: Radio Frequency for contouring, LED Therapy for calming and soothing, Electrical Muscle Stimulation for lifting and tightening, and Sonic Vibration for detoxifying. The wand's LED lights can go past the dermis and kill acne-causing bacteria, stimulate collagen production, target spots, and help depuff, as the lights change colors from red to blue to green to amber. Its EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation function contracts facial muscles though microcurrents. These electrical pulses are akin to a face workout, which tones, smoothens, and lifts the skin. Expect it to work like one too, where effects are seen through regular use. Radiofrequency is a popular technology that’s long been used in high intensities at the derma which yield dramatic and instant results. Of course do not expect this handheld, at-home RF wand to work as fast, but by religiously allotting half an hour every other day for an at-home treatment, you will see improvement in skin sagging and elasticity over time.

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Aivee Skin Lift

Aivee Skin Lift

Not all guashas are created equal. This rechargeable guasha-shaped microcurrent device is made in Japan and works by using microcurrent waves that stimulate collagen production and high frequency sonic, which helps in product absorption and improves blood circulation. The pulsation aids to infuse serums into the skin and the ultrasonic energy help push in product ingredients into deeper layers of your skin, where they work better. It's a great tool for relaxing evening facials right in your own home.

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Scion Eye Refine

Scion Eye Refine

Gentle enough to use around the eye area, this pen uses LED light, negative ions, and a warm vibration massage that emits up to 12,000 micro pulses per minute to tackle puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Together, these technologies help stimulate blood circulation and brighten tired eyes. The beveled head smoothly glides around the eye area and the warm vibration feels like a relaxing treatment at the derm. The LED features two colors, blue for restoring skin elasticity and red for refining skin texture. After over two weeks of use, we've noticed significant improvement in our undereye texture and color, as well as immediate improvent in eye puffiness.

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Scion Plasma Renew

Scion Plasma Renew

Plasma is among the newest and most buzzed about skin renewing technologies today. Considered a gamechanger in both in-clinic and at-home devices, it is recognized for its antibacterial effect and its ability to repair and regenerate the skin.This plasma device that uses cold plasma technology allows the same benefits as with in-clinic procedures, albeit gradually with regular use at home. It works on signs of aging such as spots and lines, eliminates bacteria and germs associated with acne, eczema, and rosacea, among others, and neutralizes free radicals apart from helping your skin allow better and deeper product absorption. The ceramic head makes every treatment a breeze.

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Scion Sonic Refresh

Scion Sonic Refresh

This ultrasonic facial cleaning gadget uses sonic pulsation and gentle silicone bristles to deeply clean the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and removing makeup in just a minute. Once you start using something like this for cleansing the skin, it's really difficult to go back to the old traditional ways of just cleansing with your hands. This is gentle enough for daily use, as opposed to physical exfoliators or microdermbrasion, and works well especially helping your skin absorb key ingredients from your skincare better.

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Spin Beauty Auto Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Spin Beauty Auto Brush Cleaner and Dryer

A life-changing device for every beauty junkie, this electric brush cleaner (and dryer!) cuts down your brush laundry time by a lot. It makes brush cleaning something to look forward to, surprisingly. To clean your brush, just attach the tip into the correct rubber size and into the wand, dip into the clear bowl with soap water or brush soap diluted in water, and turn the device on. Watch every speckle of color disappear from the bristles as the brush spins. To dry the brush, just spin again for 20-30 seconds above the water. All these done in a minute!

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Collagen keeps our skin filled and plump, while elastin keeps it bouncy. Our production of both slows down with age, causing brows to droop, skin to sag, and jawlines to lose definition, among other aging effects. One of the most lauded non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatments that address these problems effectively is Ultherapy, and it's popular for a reason. It triggers collagen production using micro-focused ultrasound energy with realtime visualization. With this type of ultrasound energy, unlike radio frequencies and surgery, it can visualize deep within the layers of the skin and deliver safe, precise lifting. The procedure, through micro-wounding, triggers the skin to produce collagen and elastin at such specific areas. The results are instant and improve over time. And because results are so significant—it can turn back the clock by at least five years—it may be done just once every 12 to 18 months. As for how it feels, each zap feels like a warm tingling sensation underneath the skin. Those with a high threshold for pain will definitely manage and those who don't can always rely on topical anesthesia. Available at leading dermatologist clinics and at BeautiqueMD, 8th floor MDI Corporate Center 10th Ave corner 39th Street, Taguig.

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Botolinum tixin

Facial lines form when facial expressions are made as the muscle under the skin contracts. With repeated movement and over time, especially as you lose collagen and elastin, the lines get deeper. Here is where neurotoxins become key solutions. Our choice of botolinum toxin, Xeomin is incobotulinumtoxinA. It works by blocking the release of chemicals that cause these muscle contractions, therefore softening expression lines. The main difference of Xeomin versus other brands of what's popularly called "botox" is that it is a uniquely purified neurotoxin. "It is made through a unique precision manufacturing process that isolates the therapeutic component of the molecule and removes the complexing/unnecessary proteins that don't play an active role in treatment," according to the brand. We were among the the first to try this when it first launched in the Philippines in 2018, and have been users since. During that time some doctors also found that Xeomin being a purified version, worked for regular botox users who've already developed tolerance for botolinum toxin. "Botulinum toxin helps reduce fine lines and lifts your skin. Most people who aren’t familiar with botulinum toxin tend to get worried that it will completely change their appearance. But if the treatment is done properly, it should make you look fresh," shares Dr. Anna Palabyab Rufino of BeautiqueMD. "The toxin can help soften the jawline by giving it a V shape, which adds more balance and dimension to a square or round face. The procedure can also prevent the deepening of lines." Available at leading dermatologist clinics and at BeautiqueMD, 8th floor MDI Corporate Center 10th Ave corner 39th Street, Taguig.

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Belotero is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable filler. The main difference of Belotero from other injectable HA fillers is its lower density, which allows it to fill in finer lines and wrinkles. It also has several options for various consistencies: Balance, Soft, Volume, and Intense. Depending on the desired outcome and area to be treated, doctors will help determine which range would suit a patient best. It can be used to treat very fine lines to deeper folds and can also be used for enhancing the lips or cheekbones. It is injected higher in the dermis, and it completely integrates into the skin tissue. Results last for 6 to 12 months. Available at leading dermatologist clinics and at BeautiqueMD, 8th floor MDI Corporate Center 10th Ave corner 39th Street, Taguig.

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